Dunkelkammer Studio zu Soest

the studio

Christian is running the Dunkelkammerstudio zu Soest since his production of the first Menerra album Revelations (that time he played the deathmetal- keys there).
Directly after that the work on the first Kreuzversuch album Light started and after that nearly every year one CD left the studio.
Over the last years the equipments has been expanded and the technics has been improved - so also the sound quality improved.
Different Synthies, Guitars, Basses, Microphones and since last year an eDrum are in use for the productions.
We are also doing Remix jobs but we also like to be remixed (remix trade possible).

2008 Menerra - Revelations
2009 Kreuzversuch - Light
2009 Burning Down the Börde Sampler (Organisation, Mastering)
2010 Kreuzversuch - Stardust EP
2011 Nachtmahr - Can you feel the beat (Remix-Contest)
2011 Kreuzversuch - Supernova, Darkness after Light
2012 Fragile Child - Pulse of Life (Remix by Kreuzversuch)
2013 Kreuzversuch - Pulsar
2014 Menerra - Westphalian War Machine EP
2015 Kreuzversuch - Sirius A
2017 Kreuzversuch - Kernfusion EP