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Kernfusion EP has been released! OUT NOW!

Our album Sirius A is still available online!!

Last Shows - since 2016:
13.10.2018: Schottplatz Olympiade - AVG Autoverwertung Lüdenscheid - open Air with Seth13
06.10.2018: Eigenart Lüdenscheid Dark Side, with Das Präparat
18.05.2018: Nur die Nacht - Lou Vernissage acustik show with Beats with Beards, Nancy Siskou
21.04.2018: Synth City - Teestube Bielefeld with Metropolis, Visitezmatente, Bitterblossom
03.03.2018: Metal for Mercy - Female Frontend Festival - Famous Witten, with Imparity, MoDo, The Flaw, Tumulus
07.10.2017: Eigenart Lüdenscheid Dark Side - KERNFUSION CD Release
21.10.2016: Live, Warstein - Kreuzversuch, McGoth Industries, Seth13
20.02.2016: Metal for Mercy - Gothic Night - Famous, Witten
together with Rabbit at War, Last Satanic Divine, Haggefugg and Diversity of Darkness

remember: we are always looking for gigs