The History of the Band

KreuzVersuch has been founded by Christian 2005 to make music without making compromises.
With a Synthie, a guitar, a bass and a computer he started to write and produce songs .

After a long search for other musicians Christian could finish the first songs with the voice his sister Daniela.

In his own little home-studio he produced the first album of his deathmetal band Menerra. On that album also the first Kreuzversuch song - of the Menerra cover song black is everything - has been released.
On that time the home-studio got its name: Dumkelkammer Studio zu Soest.

2009 we worked on the first Kreuzversuch long player. The debut album Light has been released August 2009.
After that Kreuzversuch got their first article in a gerne magazine: the release of the song "The Truth" in DarkSpy.

In the end of the year there where a change at the singer position and Manouca started to sing and to write lyrics for Kreuzversuch.
Already at the beginning of 2010 her voice could be heard on the local (1000 pcs limited ) sampler Burning Down the Börde with the first version of Reanimation.
Later in that year Manouca and Christian produced the EP Stardust.

In spring 2011 the second album Supernova, Darkness after Light has been produced and released online by RupalRecords.
The songs Reanimation and Supernova became part of the compilations by gothic music magazine Orkus.

At the beginning of 2012 Kreuzversuch produced after a gig with Fragile Child the Remix of Pulse of Life for them.
Afterwords Manouca and Christian wanted to play more like a real live-band. So they created the side-project ComaDream, but they dropped it again at the beginning of 2013.

But ComaDream gave Kreuzversuch some very interesting song pattern for the 2013 released third album Pulsar. Here they got sume support from an additional male voice by Günter 23, Christian knew from his deathmetal days.
Kreuzver could place the songs For all Time and Labyrinth on Orkus compilations.

After that it got a little bit silent around Kreuzversuch (other projects, regional distance).
So we used 2014 mainly for writing songs. But at the end of the year Manouca, Christian and the new lead guitar player Avalone gave the project new life.

With a new Youtube-channel, a new Homepage, a new rehearsal room and the new songs Kreuzversuch released the 4th album "Sirius A" end of 2015.The new songs have been presented at the Metal for Merca Gothic Night in Witten february 2016 for the first time.
The song ″Verlies″ has been released on Orkus! Compilation, the song ″An jenem Tag″ on Dark Spy compilation.

To get even more live feeling on gigs Kreuzversuch got in spring 2016 Drake as new ″real″ drummer. This has brought the band to the next level - regarding rythmn.

Sadly Manouca left Kreuzversuch in July 2016 after 7 years because of private reasons.
In august 2016 Kreuzversuch has found with Alysea a new voice and could already had the first gig together with her at Live in Warstien in october 2016.

Between autumn 2016 and Summer 2017 we have worked hard on our live performance and produced Kernfusion EP, which will be relesed 2017-10-07.
Sadly Avalone left Kreuzversuch, Virgil and Ch@ins join as guitar players...

...to be continued...