all about Kreuzversuch

Kreuzversuch is making music by overstepping borders of different genres. We got influences from Dark Electro, Metal, Synthie Pop and Gothic Rock and we like it to do a new mixture of them for every song.

This makes our music so diversified. The music magazine Orkus compared us already with Gothic- Acts like Silke Bischoff.

We already released some CDs:
2009 Light
2010 Stardust EP
2011 Supernova, Darkness after Light
2013 Pulsar
2015 Sirius A
2017 Kernfusion EP

You can hear some samples in our online demo or our video area.

And WE are Kreuzversuch:

Christian Grau (Synth, E-Bass, Songwriting, 2nd Voice, Producing)


Since 2005 with Kreuzversuch.
Band experience: 1995-2000 Verkannte Propheten from Werl, 2005-2010 Menerra
About Kreuzversuch: I have founded Kreuzversuch 2005 as a solo project to make the music I really want to. Therefore I got my own little studio the Dunkelkammer Studio zu Soest.
5 album for the lonely island: The Birthday Massacre - Superstition, Silke Bischoff - to protect and to serve, L Ame Immortelle - Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt, Diary of Dreams - freak perfume, garbage - bleed like me
My Motivation: I am feeling free when I compose, make or hear my own music.

Alysea (Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting)


Since 2016 with Kreuzversuch.
Band experience: From choir to theatre with music, school bands over to several bands (rock, punk, symphonic metal, gothic e.g. Exilium) 25 years active in music. Studio experience with different projects, e.g. Hartmann Studio Hagen, BMO Studio
About Kreuzversuch: Individual musical fulfillment and live my musical desire. I have been looking for crazy people which want to make the same music…
Now I have found them and I don’t want to go away.

5 album for the lonely island: serious? Puh… ASP – Best of ;-), Dornenreich Her von welken Nächten, Die Ärzte – Best of ;-); Vintersorg – Till Fjälls, X-RX – Best of ;-)
Motto: There are just little borders in music.

Drake (Drums)


Since 2016 with Kreuzversuch.
Band experience: 1999 - 2001 Tribal Arts, 2001 - 2003 Last Embrace, since 2003 Menerra
About Kreuzversuch:Kreuzversuch is a great chance to develop my drum-play in a new direction and to be creative with other people, also to create something new from scratch.
5 album for the lonely island: Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime, Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, Dream Theatre - Images and Words

Virgil (Lead Guitar)


Seit 2017 bei Kreuzversuch.
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Ch@ins (Rhythm Guitar)


Seit 2016 bei Kreuzversuch.
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