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We are Kreuzversuch, and we want your soul.

Danceable and melancholic sounds which remembers you of Dark Electro, Synthie Pop and Gothic Rock comes to you ear and you wants to know more about this band.
Here you can get all information about this band - the official Kreuzversuch Homepage.

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03.03.2018 Famous Witten - Femaile Frontend Festival
together with Imparity, MoDo, The Flaw, Tumulus

21.04.2018: Synth City - Teestube Bielefeld
together with Metropolis, Visitezmatente, Boerblossom

We are always interested in gigs, sampler projects and remixes - and remix jobs

KernFusion EP available NOW

Kernfusion is the new Kreuzversuch 7 Track EP and is also the first CD in our new cast.
Kreuzversuch is going new ways but our typical stile is still there - dark, intensive, danceable.

Currently we are re-designing our homepage - this one is sadly a little bit outdated.


(Alysea, Christian Grau, Ch@ins, Drake and Virgil)

07.10.2017 Kreuzversuch live in Lüdenscheid

On 07.10.2017 Kreuzversuch rocks Eigenart and celebrates new EP KernFusion .

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2017-06-06 22:00 | Video